• Mandalynn Carlson
    Mandalynn Carlson
  • Brigham Young University
    Brigham Young University
  • Becoming the Chateran, by S.J. Aisling
    Becoming the Chateran, by S.J. Aisling
  • Lumosity Brain Games
    Lumosity Brain Games
  • My Neighbor Totoro
    My Neighbor Totoro
  • Unconventional Ways to Get Teens Into Music
    Unconventional Ways to Get Teens Into Music

Mandalynn Carlson

Homeschooled teen actress Mandalynn Carlson is a fan of Sandra Bullock, Ben Franklin, and Jesus. Check out our exclusive interview!

Brigham Young University

In addition to college classes on campus, BYU offers independent study high school courses online.

Writing a Research Paper

99% of all college writing requires research, in-text citations, and Works Cited pages.

Companies with Amazing Employee Perks

Find out which companies have the best perks in this insightful infographic.

Know the Strengths of Homeschooling

Homeschoolers enjoy the strengths of social networking, individual attention, and quality education.

Enhance Your Time Management Skills for Success in Homeschooling

You can manage your study time and personal time in a balanced way without sacrificing any of them.

Love Ethics

They say love is a choice, but I think it’s also a commitment, as discovered in this experiment with a rock.

Honest Advice with Sugar and Spice: On Gossip

Let’s talk a little about gossiping. I think we’ve all been gossiped about and, yes, we’ve all gossiped about someone.

Your Voice

A poem, by Hannah Barber.

Training a Mule

I’ve dealt with horses and a range of animals but never a mule. Especially never an abused, sickly mule.

Top Amazing Teen Friendly Places to Visit

A good trip to some exotic places will help every emotion to fall in its place perfectly and bring out the true passion of any teen.

Robin Williams Tribute

My thoughts about him and the tragic history of the comedian.

Choosing Books: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

A dystopian novel that depicts a society in which life has become empty and devoid of meaning.

Conversations with a Writing Coach, by Susan May Warren

A Nonfiction Book Review, by Naomi.

Becoming the Chateran, by S.J. Aisling

A Book Review, by Adriana.

Lumosity Brain Games

A web-based program for training your brain, developed by a team of scientists and backed by real research in neuroscience.

My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro tells the story of two young girls and their interactions with friendly forest spirits in rural postwar Japan.

Zoe’s Art Corner

Zoe shares one of her pictures with a description of the subject, the story behind it, and the artistic process that went into it.

Unconventional Ways to Get Teens Into Music

Music is something that can be discovered at any age, and it is a great way to build bonds between parents and children.

8 Most Helpful Apps for Teens to Learn Math

If you need to improve your math skills, or if you just enjoy solving math sums, here are a few amazing math learning apps.

How Latest Technologies Can Enhance Homeschooling Student Engagement

Technological tools are allowing students to learn new things in a way that is not possible with conventional ways of teaching.

Smart Students & Smart Technology

An infographic that explores how advancements in technology are revolutionizing the college experience.

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    Hello!! Are all of you homeschooled for real!! It is so cool to have found this webpage especially for homeschooled teens!!!!

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