Isaiah Liljequist and the Steps for Life Walk-a-thon

Isaiah Liljequist is a 13-year-old homeschooler participating in his fourth year of Steps for Life, continuing in his sister’s footsteps.

Georgia Gwinnett College

GGC, one of the first four-year public colleges to be founded in the 21st century, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Four Ways to Improve Yourself as a Teenager in the Making

It is said if you want to make or break a person, throw them in certain surroundings at the peak of their teen age.

5 Effective Ways to Get Support for a Homeschool Network

Homeschooling can be made easier with the help of support groups, communities, forums, co-ops and conventions.

College Life Dilemma – Make Learning Stress-free

Nothing is considered stress-free in this century; be it school or work. But certain procedures can make these tasks less stressful.

How To Be An Effective Camp Counselor

A job as a Camp Counselor falls under the broader career category of Recreation Workers.

Art in Island: Changing the Way We View Art One Selfie at a Time

While certain museums around the world strictly disallow the use of selfie sticks for photography, one interactive art museum fully expects guests to apply selfie sticks to their advantage.

Why I Hate the Dentist’s Office

My strong aversion to dentists probably took shape one gloomy day, when I was around six years old.


Many kids and adults get bullied because of what they wear, where they’re from, or how they talk … but God loves everyone equally!


If we poured out our hearts to God, would he move in amazing ways?


A Poem by Hannah Barber.

Honest Advice with Sugar and Spice

Olyvea Pancerella and Ethan Faulkes answer questions on homeschooling, dating, and life in general.

Lotus Buds by Amy Carmichael

A touching book that describes Amy Carmichael’s work and ministry with temple children in India.

A Penny for Your Thoughts: Eliminating the Penny from U.S. Currency

The original purpose of the penny has long been obsolete.

Old School 8-Bit Still Rulz!

Explore some old school games and see that they can still be fun to play even today!

Glass Mask Season 2 Anime Review

It’s well worth watching this anime even if the Scarlet Angel itself is a bit anticlimactic after all the buildup over two seasons.

How to Deal with Rude Players

If you’re playing a multiplayer game on a public server, beware of the rude players and griefers.

Something New: I’ve Drawn a Deer

Zoe shares one of her pictures with a description of the subject, the story behind it, and the artistic process that went into it.

Math and Science: Four Girls Who are Turning the Tides in Education

Supporting women STEM students and researchers will help diversify the science and math community, as well as bring a unique viewpoint to innovations.

A Tag of Convenience: 15 Useful Twitter Hashtags for Homeschoolers

With the use of internet and social media, homeschoolers or homeschooling parents can follow Twitter accounts that contain a lot of useful information.

Battling an Eating Disorder while Studying: You Will Survive

Homeschooling is the ideal way to ensure your child continues to learn, while you cater to their highly specific needs in treating an eating disorder.

Advantages of Learning a Second Language

Learning a second language can benefit your career, communication skills, and personal development.

What Do Our Eyes Really See?

How many megapixels does the human eye have? Find out in this informative infographic!

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  1. Cassie says:

    Hello!! Are all of you homeschooled for real!! It is so cool to have found this webpage especially for homeschooled teens!!!!

  2. Questlet says:

    Harrah! You do exist – an online mag made for and by homeschool teens. THANKYOU!

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