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The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. Review: Unplanned, by Abby Johnson. Autobiographies are very simple to sort through. Either the author actually had a real and meaningful purpose to share their personal story with the world, or they didn’t. The autobiographies that do are usually worth the time it takes to read them; they age like […]

The Giver Trilogy

The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall The way Lois Lowry’s The Giver is continually singled out as a stand-alone novel will never cease to amaze me. On page size alone, it certainly qualifies as a novel, but the funny thing is that the content simply isn’t enough. When you read a story, you expect an introduction, […]

The Good Thief

The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. Ever since Hannah Tinti’s The Good Thief was published three years ago, the reader reactions toward the book have been mixed, usually in opposite extremes: either it’s the best thing since Charles Dickens and Robert Louis Stevenson (isn’t everything?), or it is the most grotesque, pointless narrative that that reader […]

The Mysterious Benedict Society Trilogy

The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. Whenever a story starts employing very obvious stereotypes or clichés, it’s usually not good news.  It’s the first symptom of an author lacking in creativity, and for readers paying attention, it typically means that the creativity shortage is about to get a lot worse as the story progresses. Some might […]

When You Reach Me

The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. Genres can be misleading. Their sole purpose in life is to categorize stories into particular little slots, so that their labels can glisten from a utilitarian shelf.  Of course, that’s not to say that they are useless, but most people tend to take them far more seriously than they should, […]

The Caves of Steel

The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. I’ve been a fan of science fiction for a couple of years, and when and how that came about I couldn’t say; but the fantasy aspect combined with that bit of reality has always appealed to me. When it comes to science fiction, those two things are really the only […]

The Queen’s Thief Series

The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. Gen can steal anything, or so he says. Of all the claims made by self-confident fools, in this case a common thief off the streets of Sounis, this one seems the most empty-handed;  until the day Gen decides to prove it.  He was quite serious when said anything, and he […]


The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. When asked about his book, Airborn, Kenneth Oppel replied: “I’ve long been fascinated by airships. To me, they seem almost miraculous. A luxurious passenger vessel bigger than the Titanic, yet lighter than air. They were the biggest objects ever to fly. What if airplanes hadn’t been invented? In the world […]

Meet the Team

Homeschooling Teen Magazine was founded in October 2008 with just one regular teen columnist (Peter) and a few contributors (Carly, Hannah, and Kayla). Since January 2010 we have experienced the rapid growth of our subscriber base as well as a greatly expanded number of columnists– which is great, since we believe there is an amazing […]

Starring Me, by Krista McGee

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell Kara McKormick is told she’s auditioning to star in a new teen variety show. It’s what she isn’t told that could change her life. Kara McKormick is a normal American teenager… well, except that she’s been in a reality television show competing for a date with the […]

Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell Once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee. Some of my lovely readers may remember my review of Rippler, the first in a sci-fi(ish) YA trilogy by Cidney Swanson. I loved that book, and the rest of the trilogy. They were some of the best secular books I’ve read; […]

Swipe, by Evan Angler

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell Logan is just months away from getting Marked – from becoming a free adult. But his sister left for her Mark five years ago and never returned… and Logan swears he’s being watched. This book is awesome. It’s set in future North America (dystopian? yes, please!), […]

The Princess and the Hound

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell My mother and I visited a used bookstore, Gottwals, to use a gift card. I found several books I’d read before and wanted to own, along with a few writing books, but only one novel I had not already read: The Princess and the Hound. I […]

The Rescuers, by Cecelia Maria Hilliard

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell Strangers humiliating the king… a dangerous love triangle… and a whirlwind of secrets… will this year’s feast end in tragedy? The yearly feast is being held in King Clarence’s castle this time around, but a gathering of strangers aren’t happy with it. This hooded group known […]

Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, Book 1) by Melody Carlson

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell When I received an invitation to review this book, I couldn’t believe my luck! The original Diary of a Teenage Girl book by Melody Carlson was available for review? Of course I immediately requested it, and after much impatient waiting my paperback arrived. I read through […]

Princess Bellarina by Marilyn Obsuna

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell An engaging and innovative fairy tale that celebrates the fundamental strength of a woman’s love. I just want to start out by saying this book is from a vanity press; this means the author paid Dorrance Publishing instead of the other way around. This isn’t necessarily […]

Howl’s Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell “A wonderful blend of humor, magic, and romance.” – Publishers Weekly After a great sleepover, during which I was introduced to the movie version of this story, I knew I simply had to read this book. So I bought it from Gottwal’s and put everything else […]