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The World Around Us

by Adrianna Kuzma Note: This is not the typical “World Around Us” essay; it’s an allegory that I wrote. –Adrianna One day Elephant was pregnant with her first baby son. The next day Elephant woke up to find a very small but unique baby elephant standing in front of her. “Hello small one,” said Elephant, […]

Nanofiltration May Help In Reaching Target UN Water Goals

by Adrianna Kuzma Quantity is every bit as much an issue as quality when it comes to water for developing nations. In my last column, I talked about the benefits of using a nano-teabag technology as a short term solution to global water problems in third world countries where infrastructure is unavailable. Many developing countries […]

The Road to Safe Water: Teabag Nanotechnology?

 By Adrianna Kuzma The United Nations has pledged to make clean water available to developing countries by 2015 (Crossette). Is this realistic? The UN recently completed a progress report on how well they were meeting the goal: “the report admits candidly that the world will not reach the mark, probably by a wide margin” (Crossette). […]

Water For Sale

By Adrianna Kuzma Water is essential for life. Everyone, not just for the rich, needs water to survive. Three major companies from Europe have supplied water to countries suffering from a lack of public water structures: they are Suuez, Thames Water, and Vivend (Flow). Supporters of privatizing water utilities claim success both in service quality […]

Meet the Team

Homeschooling Teen Magazine was founded in October 2008 with just one regular teen columnist (Peter) and a few contributors (Carly, Hannah, and Kayla). Since January 2010 we have experienced the rapid growth of our subscriber base as well as a greatly expanded number of columnists– which is great, since we believe there is an amazing […]