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Homeschooling Teen – October 2015

The October issue of Homeschooling Teen is online! View this month’s magazine at! Welcome a new columnist – Alifia, a 13-year-old homeschooler from Indonesia! The name of her column is “Marvelous Little Discovery.” Read about Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman, who are living a Victorian lifestyle in the 21st century. The featured college for this […]

Homeschooling Teen – August 2015

Happy August! This month we’re featuring some talented homeschooling teen filmmakers from South Carolina and their award-winning videos! Can’t decide on a degree or a career? Learn about “4 Great Ways to Narrow Down a Major” and “Six of the Fastest Growing Fields to Consider.” If you dream of medical school but your favorite college […]

Homeschooling Teen – July 2015

Happy July! Have a fun 4th! Welcome two new columnists this month! Aria will be contributing a variety of articles from a Christian perspective; while Grace will write about leadership, holistic health and wellness. Our featured homeschooling teen is world traveler Hannah Miller, aka “Edventure Girl.” Do you know the difference between a Bible Institute, […]

Homeschooling Teen – June 2015

Congratulations to this year’s graduates! We wish you all the best as you move on to exciting new possibilities. 🙂 A couple of changes taking place in our columnists: Katie is leaving to start a new phase in her life; and now that she’s graduated, Millie has come back to write for us! Here is […]

Guess What, You Were Adopted!

Yes, you read right. If you have accepted Christ into you heart, you have been adopted by the King of Heaven. As God’s sons and daughters you now posses the keys to an entire kingdom. Just consider the fact that anything you want you can have, states John 15:7: “But if you remain in me […]


  What is living your life for Christ really about? This is a question that frequently comes to mind for me. An inquiry that I know most likely have more than one answer. But after asking for counsel from God and a few of my spiritual leaders I found out that living a Christ led […]

For Such a Time as This

Yesterday I pondered on this sentence (the title of this column) as I prayed for the salvation of three of my supermarket colleagues. What if God sent me to this job just so three of my fellow co-workers could get saved? I am not saying that I am here only for that purpose, but asking rather. This question was inquired in the Bible […]

True Love

The Bible describes the true meaning of love in the thirteenth chapter of 1st Corinthians. The Bible was clear in the verse 1 John 8:4 NIV  that “…God is love” and we can use Jesus as our perfect example of how we should be here on earth. Verses 4-7 of the Love chapter states, “Love is patient, love is […]

Living a Pure Life Before God and Man

Millie’s Column. For this column, I wanted to write about living a pure life before God and man. David was an honorable and holy man that loved God. In fact, in Psalms 17:8 David asks God to keep him as the apple of HIS eye. So in deciding, I thought who better to teach about […]

A Look at the Life of David

Millie’s Column I wanted us for this column to take a deeper look at Psalm chapter 1. David states in verse 1: “Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers.” Wow! It is a joy not to follow the advice […]

HSLDA Fights for Homeschooled Military Enlistees

Homeschool News from Millie… Praise the Lord. This month I would like to share a wonderful e-mail my mother received from HSLDA. Here I will post some of the main sections of that e-mail: It is well known that homeschool graduates have served their nation with distinction-as past presidents, as members of state legislatures, and in […]

Meet the Team

Homeschooling Teen Magazine was founded in October 2008 with just one regular teen columnist (Peter) and a few contributors (Carly, Hannah, and Kayla). Since January 2010 we have experienced the rapid growth of our subscriber base as well as a greatly expanded number of columnists– which is great, since we believe there is an amazing […]


Webcomix A column by Peter (age 19) Because Knowledge is a Weapon! Precocious is a comic strip revolving around four little kids who possess some degree of intelligence. In fact, they might just be a tad too smart for their own good. Actually, I got a little bit of a Calvin and Hobbes vibe reading […]